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Welcome to my hacking and general technology site.

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This is the FAQ.

Q: What is hacking???
A: Hacking is the pursuit of knowledge through tearing things apart, whether it be hardware, software, or whatever. Take it apart and see how it works. That is the core of hacking.

Q: What is Phreaking???
A: Phreaking, well think of hacking, and put it together with phones. A phreak is also known as a f0ne phreak. The Phreaker credo: We make use of a system already existing, without paying for what could be dirt cheap, if it wasn't run by profiteering gluttons.

Q: What Operating System should I use???
A: Well while windows has it's merits (albeit not many) Linux us far better. More secure, more configurable, more powerful, and free. There are many distro's of linux available.

Q: What is a script kiddie???
A: A script kiddie, is someone who downloads a simple program to take advantage of an exploit, and clicks a button. Thereby attacking their target, often to take them offline, or mess up their computer. They thinks this makes them super cool krad elite hackers. Well it does't. It is merely mindless psuedo hacking, requiring no more knowledge then that to click a button. These people give hackers a bad name. Most are criminals, with no regard nor respect for another persons system, often causing alot of damage.

Q: How do I start???
A: Well, what are you interested in. That is to say what aspect of hacking are you interested in? If you just want to break into peoples systems, then you have no business here. Try a criminals website for such things. Hackers seek knowledge, to better themselves. Learn, learn, and learn. What more can I say. LEARN! Learn the programming languages. C, C++, Perl, Python, GTK, etc. Learn HTML, DHTML, Java, JavaScript, etc. Learn all you can about technology. Whether it be in classes, from books, or self taught. As for learning about computers, computer science classes are not the way to go. They teach you how to do things in windows. They don't even teach the most basic of DOS commands. Being self taught is perhaps the best way. Learn everything you can. Read the linux howto's, read all of Microsofts stuff on their site pertaining to windows, read, read, read, read, and read!

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