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Welcome to my hacking and general technology site.

Hacking and Technology Texts. | Links to other good sites. | FAQ.

Greetings and welcome to my site. Here you will learn what hacking is. Some of the latest and most advanced technology.
Some about theoretical technology that may or may not already exist in the hands of government and business.
There will be texts here to help you learn these things, as well as how to do specific things.
As time goes on more will be added. Meantime enjoy your stay.

My name is Mike, I am 24 years of age, and no longer engaged to be married,, my fiance left me so she could do what she wanted with whome she wanted (sex with everyone) without feeling guilty and this came from HER mouth.. I have a new g/f though that actually treats me well so oyou should be happy for me.
I live in Portland Oregon, and have lived here all my life. I love it. Great place. My interests vary, but this site will
concentrate on hacking and technology. Remember knowledge is NOT a crime. Happy hacking.

Well so much for the new g/f, I proposed and she accepted we were together a long time, but she boogied out to go back to CO with her father and be beaten on daily. She ended up treating me like shit and antagonizing the fuck out of me daily, oh well. At this point my opinion of owmen seems to be pretty low, no offense to all the female hackers out there who might read this. I know I know why let a couple of bad apples spoil the whole damn bunch. Anyway I'm single again, life's a bitch, all I ever asked for was a family. Oh well.

Special shouts to Parenomen, WildSmile, Cap'n Crunch, and all the rest of the crew at TeamPhreak.
Shouts to 2600 Magazine. Shouts to TeamVirus. Shouts to my old ops on #DropWire on the DalNet IRC network, before my channel was dropped after my computer fried, and it was taken over by an enemy, such is the way. Also special shouts to my new g/f for hanging
with me and putting up with all my techno babble.

Well so much for TP and TV. TP is dead, WildSmile is gone, so is the Capn. Pare has turned into a selfish ass kissing little twerp. I am now a member of PHUnificatoin, anothe runderground founded by me and two friends. is where we are based for now and on dalnet in #phunification. Feel free to drop by and say hi. Catch you all later.

E-Mail me here.

If you would like to add any texts or anything please feel free to e-mail me with the above link.
Or use to send me an e-mail.

This site proudly built with Slack8 Linux, on KDE and Kedit. Running on an AMD K6-2 350 overclocked
to 400 with 128 megs of ram plugged into an FIC VA503+ 1mb cache MB. Machine has been updated from these specs after frying. Now running on an AMD Duron 850Mhz 128megs of Micron Ram, PC-Chips 266Mhz front side bus, and all the rest of the hardware is SiS, 64meg AGP video, quad channel full duplexing 3D sound, etc. etc. I now have some REAL horsepower to back me up. Downside since I moved I am back to dialup. Not for long thuogh, DSL is too expensive where I am at now. So in a month or two I am getting CABLE!!!!!

Well I got my cable and lost my cable, back to dialup. My system is now running a 90Mhz processor, SCSI hard drives, a bunch of them, IDE hard drives, Slack8.1 Eindows2k Advanced Server, 400 megs of ram, ATI All In Wonder DDR radeon video, ASUS cdburner, and so much other shit I can't remember, but it's VERY nice.