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Hacking, Phreaking, and general technology texts.

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Smart Cards, what are they in, how to hack them, and other info.

Well well well, you are curious about those good old smart cards. What are they you weant to know? They are a little bit of technology. They are about the size and shape of a credit card, and they hold information. Instead of having this information on a magnetic strip though, it carries it on a microchip, that has contacts connected to it ont he back side. These are used for various purposes. One of which is you might have heard of the new BLUE card from American Express. This is a smart card with the magnetic strip on it as well. Other examples are certain cellphones, in which the microchip and contacts portion is removed from the rest of the card. This portion is then slipped into the phone and has info such as serial number, tracking device, phone number, account number, etc. Also these go into your digital satelite TV recievers, such as DSS, and The Dish Network. If you want to mess with these things yourself you need a few things. First off you need a card reader/writer, the program for reading and writing the images to teh card. Also an unlooper would also be a good idea. Where can you get these things? Different places, go learn how to use a search engine correctly, then search. How much does it cost? All depends. The info is written on the smart card chip in an image file, that can be edited via a hex editor. My experience is the software to read/write to these cards, has a primative, but nonetheless usefull hex editor in them. All kinds of things can be found in these. Just save the image to your drive. Then use any readily available hex editor, whatever is your favorite. Pay close attention to HOW things are written, otherwise if you make any changes and they aren't done right well, frankly, your fucked. Time for you to go out, and pick up a few of these things, and have a go at it. It might also be mentioned, that since the smart cards are standardized, you can say for example, take a Dish Network card, erase it, and use the image from a DSS network card, write it to the Dish Network card, and use the rewritten Dish Network card in the DSS reciever. I hope this gives you a place to start. Have fun and happy hacking. Remember you must learn some things for yourself. Just explore.

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