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Tools and materials- Flocking, Strainer,3M Spray Adhesive, Flat paint similar in color to flocking (can or brush)

Here is the part that i am flocking, a speaker box.

First, paint your part. I am using a grey/black carpet mix, so i chose to go with a flat black.

I did not want the speakers to be made of carpet, so those were masked off.

After the paint is dry, spray the part with adhesive. The adhesive i'm using is 3M super 77 and you can get it at walmart or any auto parts store. Good thing about using this, is it's a LOT faster then brushing on glue, and it's very sticky, so any flocking that touches, is gonna stay as soon as you apply it.

Sift your flocking through the strainer and onto the part. I picked up this strainer from the grocery store for $2.00 in the baking aisle. After it's applied i press all over with my finger to ensure a good bond.

Now you can shake of the excess...I only waited about a minute or so and then shook it can see that there is nice even coverage. 1 coat is usually all you need.
Now my speakerbox is complete and ready to install.

Here is another example of using this same method on a car's interior floorboards..very quick and very easy!!

WEBMASTER NOTES: Thanks to for this tutorial. I personally tried it on my 64 Impala lowrider right after I read it, as I had the spray adhesive already, and it worked GREAT.

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