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Welcome to IN SCALE, the scale modeling website for modelrs by modelers. My screen name is Fantacmet.

I decided to build this site, because I was tired of seeing scale model sites that are focused on either industry promotion,

a single person, or a small group of people. The focus of this site is on ALL scale modelers. If you find your area is not

represented in the forums, then by all means please join up and then let me know, and I willopen dialog with you to remedy

the lack of coverage in your particular area. The gallery isn't just for me, it's for you as well. Your work should go in there as well.

Just e-mail me with a zip file of the photo's (must be of good quality) and a complete as possible description, and a screen name or real name,

as well as your location, city, state, country. Then wait for my confirmation, and then keep an eye out and I will try and get it up within a week.

If someone is able to donate better hosting, and maybe a domain of inscale.com or inscale.net or something, this site could REALLY take off.